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The Gold Country Fairgrounds and Community Resilience Centers Program focuses on improving our fairgrounds and other community facilities to enhance the state’s emergency preparedness capabilities, particularly in response to climate change.

CERRVF’s role is to work with our local and state authorities to support local and state agencies during an emergency or disaster at our venues and fairgrounds. Our primary objectives are to aid response efforts through professional management and trained emergency response so our venues will be able to serve our communities to the highest and best standard of care during stressful emergencies. Our efforts are in support of local emergency management and incident command.
What is CERRVF
An alliance of venues and fairgrounds in California, designated as Emergency Response and Resiliency Centers. We are committed to best practices when serving each of our communities that are in need during times of disasters, climate-related impacts, and challenges by providing safe short-term shelter for people, pets, and livestock as well as support for emergency responders.
What is the true meaning of Resilience?
Resilience is the process and outcome of successfully adapting to challenging life experiences, especially through mental, emotional, and behavioral flexibility and adjustment to external and internal demands. There is no better-trained staff than Venue and Fairgrounds managers to assist local, state, and federal government agencies and open our doors in times of disaster.
Why –
We are professional experts in times of crisis and celebration, with a depth of experience handling large crowds, and we have large inventories of onsite resources at hand during emergencies.
We act quickly and professionally to create the best outcomes for communities that have experienced the trauma of disaster or community emergency.
We manage properties with vital resources needed in an emergency, from professionally trained staff to infrastructure that are designed to host people, pets, and livestock as well as emergency responders.
We belong to a network of venues and fairgrounds in California who with a quick phone call or email can marshal additional resources when needed.


PG&E Winter Storm Staging 

The Gold Country Fairgrounds provides a space for PG&E and affiliated crews to stage during inclement weather.

Mosquito Fire

in September 2022

The Gold Country Fairgrounds served as base camp for  firefighters and the clean up crews. We were also the incident’s large-animal evacuation center.

Horse Legs

The 49 Fire in August 2009, the Gold County Fair served as base camp for approximately 400 firefighters.  The site was designated as the incident’s large-animal evacuation center, providing overnight shelter for more than 15 horses.

The River Fire in 2021 the fairgrounds parking lot was filled with rows of fire trucks, tankers and other firefighting equipment.

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