Outdoor Facilities:

McCann Stadium

  • McCANN STADIUM @ $1,900.00/Day @ $420.00/Set-up or Dismantle Day Concert Seating – 5,500 Lights @ $368.00/Evening Grandstand Seats – 2,400 Kitchen Only @ $368.00/Event Day Additional fees may be charged, to be negotiated with Management

Ferrell Wrenn Park

  • FARRELL WRENN PARK @ $715.00/Event Day @ $300.00/Set-up or Dismantle Day​

Gold Country Court/ Stage

  • GOLD COUNTRY COURT/STAGE @ $593.00/Event Day @ $300.00/Set-up or Dismantle Day

Main Lawn Area and Gazebo

  • MAIN LAWN AREA & GAZEBO @ $593.00/Event Day @ $300.00/Set-up or Dismantle Day​

Concession Stand​

  • CONCESSION STAND @ $173.00/Day Fees may be levied on concession sales of food, beverages, novelties, etc. Fees for such privileges may be charged up to 15% of gross sales after deduction of State Sales Tax. ​ Promoters may be charged up to 15% of gross sales receipts, less taxes.​

Horse Arena

  • @ $400.00/Event Day @ $150.00/Set-up or Dismantle Day @ $25.00/Day, Per Rider (Single or Limited Rider, Non-Horse Show)